Welcome to Freedive Taiwan!


Freedive Taiwan was Taiwan’s first and best international style
freediving school.

Catering to the English speakers of Taiwan as well as guests from all over the world, the approach at Freedive Taiwan is different to most other schools.

Our courses are a minimum of 4 days long, no rushing, plenty of time for the students to learn freediving properly and safely.
We start on Mondays when possible, to avoid the busy weekends.

Only one course at a time, and a maximum of 4 students, means our school is quiet and relaxed and each student gets the attention they deserve.

Are we the only school to offer FREE accommodation? Probably! Reasonable prices that include a place to stay.

We offer AIDA and Molchanovs freediving courses in the beautiful waters of Xiao Liuqiu Island, off Taiwan’s southern coast.

Enjoy the highest standards of professional freediving education in year-round, warm, tropical waters with abundant sea life.