Molchanovs 課程


Natalia Molchanova, the greatest freediver who ever lived, created a freediving education system to take a beginner, step by step, to an elite freediver.

Now, a group of the world’s best freedivers and freediving trainers, including Alexey Molchanov, Adam Stern, Goran Colak and others, have taken that system, added their own expertise and revamped it to create something totally new.

Freedive Taiwan currently offers Molchanovs Wave One and Wave Two courses.



Wave One


The beginner level course runs over a minimum of 3 days and will give you all the skills you need to be a safe and proficient freediver, and much more!

Learn essential freediving science, safety and rescue techniques, physical and mental conditioning and the basics of the main freediving disciplines.

The purpose is to develop a truly competent and safe freediver who can travel anywhere in the world and join others in the world freediving family with full confidence.


To be certified as a Molchanovs Wave 1 diver you must:

Perform a ‘static’ breath-hold of minimum
1.5 minutes.
Perform a ‘dynamic’ freedive of minimum
30 metres.
Perform a dive of minimum
12 – 20 metres depth.
Demonstrate all safety and rescue skills with
excellent technique.
Pass the Molchanovs Wave One final exam.


The course includes:

Min. 3 days
4 Classroom Sessions

2 Confined Water Sessions
Minimum 3 Open Water Sessions
Max 20m Depth
Yoga and Stretching for Freediving Classes
Extra Freediving Theory and Information
Manuals and Media Resources
In-course Video Analysis and Coaching
Includes Equipment Rental
FREE! accommodation at the school!

Includes Certification Fee


13,250 TWD per person

10% student discount.