ATTENTION! Courses and course bookings are currently on hold until May 28th, due to the current COVID19 outbreak in Taiwan. Please wear a mask, Sanitise, Social Distance and we can all get back to normal as soon as possible!

  • 5 star review  Had an awesome time learning how to freedive for the first time! Donny is that special type of teacher who really takes the time to teach to each student and work with them on their difficulties in a super supportive and patient way. The progression of the AIDA 2 course was great, challenging at times but never stressful or intimidating. If you're deciding between booking a hotel or staying at his place during the course, I recommend staying at his place. The bunks were comfy and clean and it was pretty chill to hang out after the lessons were wrapped up. Highly recommend this course!

    thumb Justin Starry
  • 5 star review  Participated on the WAVE1 course and it had been great fun and an amazing experience. Donny was very patient and explained everything greatly making even the theory part enjoyable. It's easy to tell that he really lives freediving and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with everyone interested in it. I can absolutely recommend it 👍👍👍

    thumb Timo Breithaupt
  • 5 star review  If you are curious about free diving, I highly recommend to try it. After thinking about it for a year, I finally took AIDA 2 the end of October. I enjoyed it so much that I came back for AIDA 3 just a month later. AIDA 2 is a great way to get introduced to free diving while AIDA 3 helps you further improve your technique. I chose to learn free diving with Donny based on the other reviews and can confirm he is an excellent instructor and a great guy. First and foremost, he puts safety above everything else. It is so critical to build the right habits from the beginning and Donny ensures that this happens. Second, he is very patient and knows how to encourage and help you through the learning process. Finally, he is highly experienced and can tell you exactly what you need to work on to improve your technique. All in all, Donny is an outstanding choice if you are looking to truly learn free diving the proper way.

    thumb Patrick Fei
  • 5 star review  Donny is the best and most knowledgeable freedive instructor on the island. He is the real deal. I had a an absolutely amazing time and super safe dives. He is a legend. Highly recommended.

    thumb Ian Bands
  • 5 star review  I reached out to several places to get my Aida2 certification and I’m super happy I went with Freedive Taiwan. Donny is a great instructor who makes sure you learn everything properly while being super supportive. We were 6 women and he was super patient with us. His place is super clean and tidy. I’m definitely going back for my Aida3 certification!

    thumb Yohana Viñas



FREEDIVE TAIWAN is Taiwan’s first international freediving school, founded in 2017 by Donny Mac, well-known in the international freediving community as the host of the world’s dedicated freediving podcast The Freedive Café.

He aims to bring the highest level of freediving education to Taiwan’s beautiful tropical waters through Freedive Taiwan.

We run courses and training all year round on Xiao LiuQiu Island and in Kenting National Park in the south of Taiwan. To find a course check the Schedule Page. Our school is located in a quiet corner of the island and our facilities include a 5m by 3m pool for static apnea training and general fun!

From complete beginner’s courses to coaching for competitive athletes, we’ve got you covered.

For those wishing to learn freediving in the safest way from real experts, and have a lot of fun at the same time, Freedive Taiwan is your most professional option!



Freediving, or apnea, is the art of exploring the underwater world on a single breath of air. It is a skill that all of us may master, with the appropriate training.

Freediving is facilitated by a range of practices that also contribute to a healthy, happy and productive life, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, physical conditioning, mind training, bodywork and much more. Donny has more than a decade of experience and practice in these fields and provides expert instruction in them.

At Freedive Taiwan you can learn about all these practices and integrate them into your own life, and freediving lifestyle.