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Intensive Courses in Traditional Hatha & Raja Yoga
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Freedive Taiwan is Taiwan’s first dedicated English language freediving centre.
We offer the highest standards of freediving education in the world from our school in Southern Taiwan.

Freediving is supported by a healthy lifestyle.
Instruction in traditional Hatha yoga, breath work, meditation, mobility and physical training are all available at Freedive Taiwan.






Enjoy the highest standard of freediving education in Taiwan.
Our courses are designed to give you more time, adapted to your personal challenges.

Already certified? Come for training, personalised coaching or just fun dives. Personalised online coaching programmes are also available.


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Are you ready to take your experience of yoga to the next level?
Are you ready to leave behind the exercise-focused yoga classes of the gyms and studios?

Traditional yoga is a spiritual pursuit. That means it works simultaneously on the health of the body, the breath and mind, in order to bring happiness and freedom from suffering to the practitioner.

Yoga Taiwan offers 6 day intensive courses in traditional Hatha and Raja Yoga. At the end of this 6 day retreat, you will have all the tools necessary to practice on your own, every day, with transformative results.

A complete yoga practice requires observance of yama and niyama (moral and personal disciplines), kriya (purificatory exercises), asana (the physical postures), pranayama (yogic breathwork) and meditation.

At Yoga Taiwan, you can learn all of these practices with expert guidance.

“Amazing experience – Donny is very knowledgeable about the sport & was extremely patient with me. Would definitely recommend this course to everyone!”

Lauren Allienello

“Donny was awesome. I had an amazing time learning about free diving and then confidently pushing my limits. Donny is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and his main priority is your safety. Thank you Donny for an unforgettable experience!”

Paul Lott

“100% recommend. I’ve been here many times and have learned so much! (Did my Aida 2 and Aida 3!) Donny is a great teacher with great discipline, knowledge and experience. I think I’ve been able to learn fast because he has made me feel safe in the water during every single dive!
Also he keeps his place clean and tidy!
Coming back soon!”

Eileen Carls

“Donny is the best and most knowledgeable freedive instructor on the island. He is the real deal. I had a an absolutely amazing time and super safe dives. He is a legend. Highly recommended.”

Ian Bands

Just passed (woohoo!) the AIDA2 course at Freedive Taiwan with Donny! I knew I’d enjoy being in the ocean, but I was still blown out of the water (pun intended) by what a great time I had. Donny is an excellent teacher, making sure to explain, quiz, make you guess, etc. so that your brain is actually registering what happens when you do breathholds and dives. I was able to express any fears I had to Donny, who helped me to break down my worries through listening and encouragement. Knowing how much he values safety (he’s strict about this!) and cares about the sport really made it easier to feel relaxed, and I knew that I could push myself safely within very safe boundaries under his watch. The shop is super clean and comfortable, with many different ways to chill between classes (in the pool, on the yoga mats, even tinkering on a guitar). I found myself having an incredible time of mental rest and inspiration, which was unexpected but certainly a bonus. Truly a perfect place to learn freediving!

Susan Liu