What is Freediving?


Freediving, or apnea, is the art of exploring the underwater world on a single breath of air. It is a skill that all of us may master, with the appropriate training.

Freediving is facilitated by a range of practices that also contribute to a healthy, happy and productive life, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, physical conditioning, mind training, bodywork and much more.

At Freedive Taiwan you can learn about all these practices and integrate them into your own life, and freediving lifestyle.

Taiwan’s first international freediving school was founded in 2017 to bring the highest level of freediving education to Taiwan’s beautiful tropical waters.

We run courses and training all year round on Xiao LiuQiu Island in the south of Taiwan. Our school is located in a quiet corner of the island and our facilities include a 5m by 3m pool for static apnea training and general fun!

For those wishing to learn freediving in the safest way for real experts, and have a lot of fun at the same time, Freedive Taiwan is your most professional option.