What is Freedive Taiwan?


Freedive Taiwan 台灣自由潛水 is an international freediving school founded by Donny Mac to provide the highest level of freediving education in the beautiful tropical waters of southern Taiwan.


Freedive Taiwan aims to set itself apart from other freediving schools in Taiwan by focusing on small class sizes. We never have more than four students in the school at one time.

We also believe that 2 or 3 days is rarely enough to full benefit from a Level One freediving course, so all our courses are a minimum of 3 days long with the option to extend courses by one day for free. This means the student has more personal attention, more time in the water, and more time to relax and have fun!

A longer course also allows to us to do things like practice yoga, learn relaxation techniques and mobility routines and take some time out for a snorkelling trip.

Freedive Taiwan also provides FREE accommodation for it’s students, meaning they save money and can sleep at the school, making it easy to attend class and relax.