At Freedive Taiwan we offer courses from two world-class freediving organisations, AIDA, and Molchanovs.
What is the difference? Both courses are excellent choices but there are a few minor differences that may influence your decision. Here are some details!

Founded in the early 1990s, AIDA is perhaps the best known and most well respected of the world’s freediving education organisations. With almost 30 years of research and development in the area of breath-hold diving, AIDA is responsible for many of the safety guidelines and educational principles we now take for granted in any freediving course.
AIDA also judges and ratifies performances and records at the world’s major freediving competitions.
The material in the Level One course (AIDA2) is very extensive and also covers much non-essential freediving theory, also the performance requirements are a a little more demanding in AIDA, therefore we generally insist on a minimum of 4 days to complete the Level One AIDA course.
(The AIDA2 course can also be done in 3 days on Xiao Liuqiu with one day of online theory classes in the student’s free time).

The Molchanovs freediving education organisation exploded onto the international scene in 2018. Originally based on the education materials of legendary Russian freediver Natalia Molchanova, the new international organisation founded by her world record-holding son, Alexey, Australian record-holder Adam Stern and Chris Kim.
Molchanovs sets itself apart with its modern, online community of freedivers and instructors.
After a Molchanovs course there is plenty of opportunity to train and improve through the online platform.
A Molchanovs Wave One course is a little less ‘busy’ than the AIDA courses and the performance requirements are a little easier, therefore a Molchanovs Wave One course can easily be completed in 3 days.
(The Wave One course can also be done in 2 days on Xiao Liuqiu with one day of online theory classes in the student’s free time).

Level One (AIDA2) Requirements:

2:00 Static Breath-hold
40m Dynamic Dive with Bifins.
16m CWT (Constant Weight) Dive with Bifins.
Blackout Rescue from 5 – 10m.

Level One (Wave One) Requirements:

1:30 Static Breath-hold
30m Dynamic Dive with Bifins
12m CWT (Constant Weight) Dive with Bifins
12m FIM (Free Immersion) Dive
Blackout Rescue from 6 – 10m.