The Freedive Café Podcast


For the past 3.5 years Donny has been at the forefront of freediving education media with his podcast The Freedive Café. To date he has interviewed more than 100 of the world’s best freediving athletes, coaches, instructors, scientists and medical staff to learn as much about this wonderful sport as humanly possible. To listen, visit the Freedive Café Website!


Articles, Podcast Transcripts, Videos

The Science of Freediving

Professor Erika Schagatay joined Donny to discuss the science of freediving including a detailed dive into the Mammalian Dive Response.

Making Love to the Ocean

Italian freediving athlete Davide Carrera joins Donny to talk about his freediving life and his life philosophy in connection to the ocean.

What is Freediving?

A little introduction to what freediving IS for the uninitiated!