Donny Mac

AIDA Instructor
Molchanovs Instructor
SSI Instructor
Registered Yoga Teacher with 12 Years Experience Practicing and Teaching Traditional Hatha Yoga.


Donny Mac is Chief Instructor and owner of Freedive Taiwan.
He is the host of the world’s dedicated freediving podcast The Freedive Café, now the largest resource of freediving education on the planet.
His interviews with the world’s greatest freediving athletes, coaches, scientists and safety experts, combined with his extensive experience in yoga, meditation, breathwork and physical training inform his deeply attentive instruction in freediving.

His deep knowledge of freediving and training methods have made him much sought out among beginners and competitive athletes alike for expert training.


Level Two Course


Freedive Taiwan was Taiwan’s first freediving centre dedicated as an international development centre in 2017, with courses primarily in the English language. Freedive Taiwan welcomes visitors from all over Asia and the rest of the world for a highly personal experience above and beyond the scope the most other freediving schools.


yoga in taiwan


To hear Donny’s personal story check out THIS PODCAST!

Donny is committed to providing the highest standards of freediving education while guiding you to your true potential in the ocean with patience and encouragement.

LINE: Gherandas
Facebook: Donny Mac
Instagram: @freediveandthrive / @freedive_taiwan
Phone: (Taiwan) 0909452409