Jane Chou

I did the AIDA2 intensive course on a weekend in July, one on one with Donny! Absolutely enjoyed it! The schedule was tight but perfectly efficient, and I even got to see some sharks on the last day which was an awesome surprise. I highly recommend coming here because Donny is a professional and very serious about his students safety and knowledge. You’ll feel well educated after you finished the course! And Xiao Liuqiu is such a beautiful place, fast to get there too. Don’t miss out thanks Freedive Taiwan!

Eileen Carls

Donny was awesome. I had an amazing time learning about free diving and then confidently pushing my limits. Donny is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and his main priority is your safety. Thank you Donny for an unforgettable experience!

Paul Lott

Amazing experience – Donny is very knowledgeable about the sport & was extremely patient with me. Would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Lauren Allienello

Donny was my instructor for the AIDA3 course in July, 2018. I hadn’t taken a course since AIDA2, two years previously, so I was due to step it up. Donny reinforced and helped me improve my overall technique through clear and concise instruction, encouragement and enthusiasm. He’s extremely dedicated to and knowledgeable about everything freediving related. I highly recommend Freedive Taiwan. You’ll get quality instruction, have fun, and without a doubt improve your freediving.

Erik Bashaw

I just did a four day AIDA 2 course with Donny at Freedive Taiwan. I wish I could say that it was his amazing website and stunning good looks that drove me to take the course with Donny but I found him on Instagram and our diaries serendipitously coincided. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience.

First the facilities. If you are sleeping there the beds are firm yet comfortable. Though rarely used, there was a brand new split unit fully functioning air conditioner. The sleeping quarters are brand new and are contained in a cute shipping container. Toilet facilities were also clean and brand new. You also have access to kitchen facilities and a refrigerator.

Now for the instruction. Most importantly, Donny, despite hailing from Scotland, speaks perfect English.

Donny was the consummate professional throughout, which is an important attribute to have when safety standards are involved. Donny’s standards are above even that needed to pass the course. Despite being able to take the course over 2 days he insists on doing it over 4 days because he has your utmost safety at the forefront of his mind and you can feel this throughout the course. I have just finished the four-day course and I’m exhausted (a good kind though) It would have been a serious struggle to do it in two days. Donny also insists on small class size. He will take a max of four students. When we were out for the open water part of the course I saw other schools with over ten students (look a bit chaotic to me).

Finally, Donny took video throughout the course to critique the technique after a session and will also give you all the files (bring a usb stick or hard drive) so you can put it on your favorite social media platform.

I can confidently say you are safe hands with Donny and taught the material so it’s easily digestible.

A side bonus, Donny helped arrange for me the ferry tickets and a scooter to use ahead of time as it was a long holiday weekend and he was afraid those would have been booked up quickly. He aims to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

Raymond Ko

Completing my AIDA2 certification with Donny was a great learning experience, and I highly value the emphasis he places on safety and technique. The level of individual feedback and coaching throughout the course allows the student to develop a good foundation for expanding their freediving skills. Donny also doesn’t shy away from covering theoretical topics in more depth than what is required. Thank you FREEDIVE TAIWAN – I’m already looking forward to AIDA3!

Hennie Boshoff

I did my Aida2 course with Donny last year. He’s very knowledgeable about free dive. And has got lots of patience with me😂
My soul was waxed after completing the course ~thank you, Freedive Taiwan!

Jenny Wu

Donny is an amazing instructor, very professional, helpful and friendly and I loved every minute at Freedive Taiwan. I strongly recommend this place to anyone wishing to learn or improve their skills. I, for one, will surely come back whenever I am free.

Eric Chao