Drawing on the breath-holding knowledge of the world’s greatest freedivers, we teach you how to relax, survive and thrive in the first dedicated surf survival course in Taiwan.

If you are a surfer, you know that being held under a big wave can be one of the scariest experiences possible! Freedivers are experts at breath-holding and relaxation. The unique skills of the freediver can combine beautifully with your surfing.

The surf survival course by Freedive Taiwan will completely change your surfing game. You will increase your confidence in taking on bigger waves and learn how to handle the gnarliest of wipeouts.




In the Classroom:

Physiology of Breath-Holding, Oxygen and CO2.
How to safely hold your breath for several minutes.
Managing buoyancy with your breath.
The Mammalian Dive Response.
Essential Support and Rescue techniques.
Getting out of danger!

In the Pool:

The Longest Breath-Holds of your Life!
Efficient Swimming Technique under Stress.
CO2 Tables Training.
CO2 Tolerance and Endurance Building Drills.
Fun Team Games.

On the Beach:

High Intensity Training Circuit for Physical Conditioning
Daily Stretching & Active Recovery Routines.

In the Bar:

Amazing Sunset Views
Good Food
Cold Beer!




Kenting, Taiwan




One Day, 9am – 4pm




5600 NT


(Includes all tuition, equipment, transport within Kenting, lunch time snacks and dinner at Cowboys Bar in the evening)

(Does not include transport to Kenting or accommodation!)



June 26th

July 24th

August 14th

August 28th


More dates coming or CONTACT us to book a date of your choice.